Imagine…! There a balloon flies through the air of 30 meters high and 20 meters wide with your company logo on it. How would you like that?


Since 1984 we fly with branded balloons in the Netherlands and since 2012 we fly with the 10-12 passenger Zemen Bank balloon and the 2-5 passenger (still unbranded) balloon.

Some of our sponsors in the Netherlands are our client for over 25 years and we fly with their 5th ballloon (balloons last 500-600 hours / 5-6 years of intensive flying).

Een ballon voorzien van reclameteksten is een zeer opvallend en spraakmakend reclamemedium. Canadees onderzoek uit 2001 toont aan dat de merkherinnering van  luchtballonreclame ca. 90% bedraagt in verhouding tot ca. 35% van outdoor billboards. Ook is de impact van ballonreclame vele malen hoger dan reguliere buitenreclame. Vele kijkers op de grond maken zelfs foto’s van de ballon en daarmee de reclame die erop staat.

Also in terms of costs balloon promotion is very interesting compared to other outdoor media. The fabric of the balloon has a lifespan of about 600 hours (600 flights) with which depreciation costs per flight (based on investment in a new balloon of about USD 80.000) areabout USD 130 per flight.

Abyssinia Ballooning guarantees you a minimum of 30 flights per year (where we fly with our passengers) but if the sponsor also uses the balloon for corporate balloon flights and product sweepstakes (like most of our sponsors do) this number could go up to 50-100 flights per year.

Some reasons why you should invest in a branded hot air balloon:

  1. Unique method of outdoor advertising (people even make pictures of a balloon and therefore your advertisement / brand)
  2. Very visible method of advertising (moving billboard in the skies of approx. 25 meters high and 15 meters wide)
  3. Great incentive (i.e. discount program) for clients (f.e. sweepstake) or as reward for employees to increase work satisfaction
  4. Great incentive for top clients (certain minimum order volume)
  5. Gain free publicity (radio, TV, internet like Zemen balloon also had)
  6. Improve public opinion: balloon is perceived as something new and trendy and a friendly way of advertising

Approximate investment branded passenger balloon

  1. Fully branded hot air balloon, completely customized, 8 passengers
  2. Investment complete balloon about € 65.000 to € 75.000 for advertising period of 5-10 years
  3. We include 25 tickets with value of ETB 3.500 per ticket per year
  4. Ownership with Abyssinia Ballooning because we have air operator certificate but contract that balloon goes to client if Abyssinia Ballooning cannot fulfill contract
  5. Client gets a minimum visibility of 50 flights/exposures per year
  6. More flights (exposures) if client uses balloon as incentive for clients (passenger flights), around ETB 3300 to ETB 3750 per passenger. plus travel cost outside Addis area.
  7. Take off 10 KM West of Addis (Menegesha, over Addis not allowed by Civil Aviation Authority), Ziway, Langano, Hawassa and Lalibela and other locations on request (Harar, Aksum, etc.)
  8. Only early morning flights (06.00 – 07.30 AM) because of turbulence
  9. Delivery time about 4 months

We are happy to visit you and disccuss why a branded balloon is fantastic for your company. Please fill in the form below for a price quote. After we send you our quote we look forward to meet you and discuss.

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