How high can a balloon fly?

Technically balloons can fly up to 4 KM above sealevel as the burners and passengers need oxygen to function above this altitude. When the burners and people are supported by oxygen balloons can go up to about 10 KM. Nevertheless we usually fly low at altitudes from 0 meter (treetop height) to 500 meter as views are clearer then and more can be seen than from high altitude. Also it is wonderful sensation to just skim the earth and pass houses, woods and fields at low altitudes with which you can simply speak to the people on the ground. As the direction and speed is completely dependent on the wind, the pilot uses different winds at different altitudes to get to landing areas. The pilot can arrange the altitude in centimeters using the balloon burners. The sensation of drifting with the wind at treetop level and then back to 400-500 meters again is incomparable with any other form of aviation.


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