For consumers

Abyssinia Ballooning organizes several services for consumers like combined balloon flights, private balloon flights and special packages

For companies

Abyssinia Ballooning offers several services for companies and organisations like private balloon flights, branded hot air balloons and basket branding specials

Flight schedule

Every week we organise several magical sunrise balloon flights. Prices vary from ETB 3750 to ETB 4250 per passenger. Check our last minute and scheduled flights.


  • ??????????????????????????????? "What a fantastic and unique experience! En event that we will always remember. The great atmosphere and the way this activity was presented made our balloon flight really spectacular What we really enjoyed is that every passenger was involved in the flight. It is an activity that you experience  together with the balloon team. We enjoyed greatly from the beginning to the end. "  

    Juultje and Merel
  • DSC_0122.jpg KL “The contacts of our client Hoogvliet Supermarkten have enjoyed enormously. When we had meetings with them after the balloon flight took place they were still talkin about this unique experience. After this flight we have surprised many more clients with a balloon and they all were very enthusiastic  about the experience.”  

    Quint Menken, General Manager Menken Combinatie De Menken Keuken
  • DSC_0023.jpg KL “At Sky Ballonvaarten our Rabobank Balloon is in great hands.”  

    Eveline Balemans, Marketing Manager Rabobank Den Bosch Rabobank
  • sjef en mie.jpg KL "What a wonderful experience  to fly a balloon: high above the city, even above some clouds. Then a few meters above a small lake and after that great views over colorful forrests and landscapes. We will definitely fly again. Not only the views were very interesting. A balloon flight is a complete experience during which the technique of rising hot air spoke to our imagination”  

    Sjef Voets and Mie Keulemans.
  • 316028_645705418788218_1276812757_n.jpg KL “De Rooi Pannen balloon increases the general awareness of our brand in a very differentiating manner”  

    Kees van Strien, Board of Directors De Rooi Pannen
  • 061.jpg KL ''ABAB-relationships are excited about the balloon flights at Sky Ballonvaarten! Good organization, great views and enthusiastic staff of Sky Ballonvaarten.''

    Marjolijn Voorn ABAB Accountants

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