Abyssinia Ballooning is part of Sky Ballonvaarten Netherlands. Our company is a 50/50 partnership with Adika Travel and Tour.

In 1984 Sky Ballonvaarten was founded by the passionate aviation man Henny van Loosbroek. Flying balloons started as a hobby for Henny but soon Henny  saw the commercial opportunities of branded balloons and recreational passenger balloon flights. Currently Sky Balonvaarten operates 9 advertised balloons and is managed by Henny’s sons Bram and Daan van Loosbroek.

In 2012 Sky Ballonvaarten (Bram van Loosbroek) founded Abyssinia Ballooning PLC  in Ethiopia. The first balloon of Abyssinia Ballooning was the 10-12 passenger Zemen Bank Balloon. Zemen Bank, Ermias Eshetu, was a visionair and pioneer by investing in the first branded balloon of Ethiopia.

Since 2012 the Zemen Bank balloon made over 200 flights over Addis Ababa, outside Addis Ababa and from other location like Lalibela, Ziway, Hawassa. Over 2000 people (both Ethiopian and international) have flown in the beautiful Zemen Balloon (called caj finia by Ethiopians)

In 2015 the second balloon of Abyssinia Ballooning came into operation, a 2-5 passenger, still unbranded, balloon mainly used for the Ethiopian wedding market and for exclusive private balloon flights.

The passionate team of Abyssinia Ballooning consists of 8 Ethiopians (operations, sales, finance, office management) and 2 foreigners (pilot, general manager and maintenance manager).


Yearly we take over 1000 people into the beautiful Ethiopian skies. The variety of the Ethiopian landscapes is wonderful. Our passengers love ballooning in Ethiopia.

With Abyssinia Ballooning you can always count on:

  • A great service for a fair price;
  • 100% safety which we never jeopordize;
  • That we do what we promise and that we do more than expected;
  • A dedicated, cheerful and enthusiastic balloonteam
  • Quick service and clear communication;
  • A complete and surprising balloon program that will be remembered;
  • A great atmosphere and a lot of fun.

Let’s meet! Call 00251-926-845086 or Email info@abyssiniaballooning.com.

We hope to welcome you soon in the beautiful skies of Ethiopia.

The Abyssinia Ballooning Team


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