Dear future passenger

Thank you for paying an online visit to our balloon company. So, you are interested in ballooning. That is great, so are we and we are happy to show you why flying a balloon is such a wonderful adventure.

Let us take you with our balloon into the remarkable world of ballooning. Discover the mistery of balloon flights; the oldest and most romantic form of aviation. Experience how time stands still while cities and rural areas gently pass beneath you. Ballooning is a beautiful experience that you will never forget. Overcome you fears, step inside the balloon basket and get ready for an unforgettable experience. In a balloon you will not feel any sensation of height as you are detached from the ground. We hope to welcome you on board soon.

Since 1984 Abyssinia Ballooning has organized balloon flights in the Netherlands and elsewherewhere in the world and since 2012 we operate our balloons in Ethiopia. Yearly we take up over 7.000 passengers for a balloon ride in the Netherlands and Ethiopia and we make sure that all our passengers optimally enjoy  their balloon flight. We take time to answer passenger questions and are very happy to tell you more about the magical world of ballooning. We enjoy when you are enjoying.

Our Dutch company Sky Ballonvaarten and our Ethiopian company Abyssinia Ballooning hold a spotless safety record. Safety always came and comes first.

Warm regards,

The Abyssinia Ballooning Team


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