Are you looking for an unforgettable incentive for your clients, co-workers or other (business) relations?

Great, because we can organize such a great incentive for you. We will make sure the balloon experience of your relations will be memorable for years to come. Your relations will never forget that you and your company/organisation were the one organizing the balloon flight.

About half of our clients are companies and oragnisations for which we mainly organize private balloon flights. By now we have over 35 years international experience in strengthening relations of companies / organisations with among others clients, co-workers, suppliers and (local) governments.

The hot air balloon experience has a certain extend of positive tension which lead to a shared experience of the activity. All passengers have the same feelings which equals the relationship (supplier/client, business/government) in a very special way. Normally you speak to your contact in a (business) meeting, in a (business) call or during a (business) dinner and with that the context of the relation doesn’t really changer. Sharing an experience like a balloon flight does change the context because of the new feelings (positive tension, little fear, anxiety) that are involved.

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  3. A bannered hot air balloon with your logo
  4. Balloon basket branding visible on all passenger pictures
  5. Cold inflatable products in almost any product shape

It is our goal to customize our services to your specific needs. We invite you to contact us for more information and look forward to service you

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