Gheralta Mountains in the Tigrai region of Ethiopia. The mountains hide many ancient rock-hewn churches. Many of the churches are carved into the cliff face. Visiting the churches normally requires some walking. The mountains lend itslf to some mild mountainering. The view of the graceful Mount Gheralta and the far-reaching Hawzien plain is a rare combination of extraordinary beauty.

There are over 140 churches and archaeological sites in the surrounding area ranging from historic rock-carved churches through to hermitages, shrines and ancient Sabean and Axumite sites. Most of the cave churches were carved between the 7th and the 14th century. Most of the shrines are oriented in an east-west axis with the main entrance located in the west and the “Holy of Holies” in the east.

Gheralta is a great area to fly over. Because of the early meeting time (05.30 AM) we recommend to combine your balloon flight with as stay at the beautiful Korkor Lodge.

In Gheralta we can only accomodate chartered private flights. Read more on our private flights.



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