Why does a balloon flight cost ETB 3750 / USD 160,- per passenger?

At this moment we offer a price of ETB 3750 / USD 160 per passenger. We are convinced that we offer great value for money. The reason that ballooning costs around USD 160 per passenger is is that we only use the highest quality of flight equipment (one balloon costs around USD 100.000) and chase vehicles (USD 50.000). Compared to Kenya and Tanzania ballooning is not expensive in Ethiopia as ballooning costs over USD 450 per passenger there.

Operational costs of balloons (gas, pilot, team members, chase truck and minivan fuel, breakfast, champagne) are also quite high (higher than flying balloons in Europe) and unlike trade in products we cannot make big economies of scale.

Also we make sure that profits are reinvested in new materials, safety management, service quality and team training to guarantee the highest standards and security for our passengers.

Ballooning in Ethiopia is very fairly priced and according to our clients we offer great quality. See some client reviews on Tripadvisor.


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